Verabears Blog

Bertie is 7cm standing, but he prefers to sit.

Daphney is ready to go for tea in London. She is wearing a lace dress, a hat and little lace handbag with a bead handle.e.

Hubert is an old-fashioned type bear with real leather paws holding a hand knitted 4cm Bobby doll sitting on a knitted silk blanket.

Charles is 7.5cm 3 inches and has a cute little face.

Sarah is 7.5cm (3 inches) and sits on a crochet blanket matching her pink outfit.

Bella wears a beige crochet dress with matching bag and hat.

Bettina wears a crochet lilac dress with matching hat. She has sculpted paws and is fully jointed.

She is read for the cold wearing a knitted Angora scarf and muff adorned with a little teddy head sitting on her slight.

Camilla, 7cm or just under 3 inches is made from lilac long pile upholstery velvet. She wears a lilac

felt hat and a white scarf held together with a sparkling broach.

She will be travelling to London and Hugglets and cannot wait to experience some cold weather.

It’s quiet a while since I took some pictures of my bears. Here one of my latest t so small bears Henrietta,

a 15cm girl wearing a pink ribbon dress. She is from Schulte Mohair, German glass eyes and his an embroidered nose.Adopted